Zoe, Kea, Cole & Fam! Kauai Family Photographer. Hawaii Destination Family Photographer.

Sometimes you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Sometimes you get the amazing opportunity to hop over to Kauai and meet up with a couple of rad families and capture them being, well, just them. Sometimes you look through all the images that were captured and smile from ear to ear and thinking about how fun the session was and how these images bring that day back to life. Sometimes being  a destinations photographer is the coolest job in the world and I’m reminded at just how lucky I am to call this “work.”





Mac turns ONE…part 1. Wenatchee Children’s Photographer

How on earth has it been over a year since this little cherub entered the world. When Natalie shot me a message a few weeks back asking if I would be available to snap some photos of Mac at his first birthday family get together I almost wanted to ask her if she was sure it really was his birthday month. I mean I’m pretty sure 12 whole months haven’t gone by. Yikes, time sure flies when you’re having fun I guess!


So before he started in on his adorable cake we ran down to the river to snap a few shots while the ran was making it’s way out. Try to keep from smiling like an insanely happy person after you see this boy!



Abby is ONE. Wenatchee,WA Children’s Photographer

Sure looks like a great day for two blog posts eh? This is Abby and her sweet family, and their adorable little fur baby Koopa. I have been photographing Abby since she was a newborn. As you can see it was a darker day and little Abz’ mood kind of sort of reflected that, lol. That’s life though, right? We are not always as happy and smiley as everyone would like us to be and guess what…THAT’S OKAY!

So I knew this little miss had a smile or two for me and lucky enough for me her mom and dad brought her down to the studio where with the help of my bunny-for-the-day ,Phillie, I coaxed a couple of big grins out of her!


Sammy turns TWO. Wenatchee, WA children’s photographer

Well I know it’s been a long time as I had to figure out how to even log back into the ol’ blog, but here I am. The dust has settled and slowing i’m starting to find routine again after a very much needed hiatus from the blogging world. I have still been shooting and now it’s time to share. One of my all time favorite little girlies, who is the little sister to one of my first baby clients, came to me for her two year old portraits.

Two. Unbelievable since i’m pretty sure we were just shooting her newborn session, like yesterday?! Don’t forget to capture these moments because before long they will be gone!

Jen BrandtMarch 24, 2014 - 6:16 PM

YAAAY…..so glad your back! Have missed my daily coffee date with MKC!! Beautiful pics….as always!!